Close encounters…..


The hidden enemy – 12th house and the demise of a song bird.

“I can be my best friend and my worse enemy…..”. (Whitney Houston)

A month later, I finally had my AHA close encounter moment when I remembered her saying that to Diane Sawyer.

I immediately knew that I was witnessing Whitney Houston’s inability to deal with her 12th house. I was right. Let me explain….

Astrology can be used to gain profound insights into both our positive and negative characteristics within our personality. What strengths or weaknesses does one have? When an astrological birth chart is created and interpreted, we can glean what area(s) of life these themes can play out and hopefully evolve. These areas of life experiences are called Houses in astrology lingo (there are 12 houses/life experiences).

The 12th house represents our hidden talents and hidden self-destructive tendencies. You’re familiar with the picture of the imaginary guardian angel and the devil sitting on either side your shoulders, right? The 12th house symbolizes inherent hidden gifts (angel) we use to go beyond ourselves to serve society; and our hidden fears of these gifts. If we choose to fear them, we might fall into the abyss of self-destruction and despair (demons). Whitney, unfortunately did this.

Whitney was born with Saturn (represents responsibly learning life lessons) in her 12th house. Her lesson: to go beyond her ego and serve society through her gracious talent. You see, lifting up the masses with her astounding voice and powerful energy without giving a damn about failing was the responsibility she was to bear. However, being a Leo with relentless ego could not withstand the pressure of failure. As soon as she envisioned herself falling off the pedestal, she would become her own worst enemy. At that point escaping her hidden demons was necessary; she couldn’t tolerate listening to the voice telling her, “you are not good enough”. And what better way to escape–just constantly live in a drugged-out state.

Kevin Costner knew about her dilemma, for he quoted at her funeral, “She had a lot of doubt..It made her great, but yet made her stumble in the end.”

Of course she had an abundant amount of positive energy in her birth chart. However, that goes beyond the scope of this post which is to give a general astrological understanding about how one can become their own worst enemy. And it is through examining the 12th house to understand how we can avoid that.

We all have our own ways of embracing our hidden talents, while also realizing what can trip us up. And you know what, this is the real goal of astrology to me: to gain further insight into our character to enable us to live more wisely and well right here on Earth. The choice is ours, and it’s wonderful that we can have a better understanding of how to choose. Did you ever have close encounters with your hidden talents and/or enemy? What planets/signs are on your 12th house? Comments and/or questions are welcome. Or you can contact me at


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